Link Transit will not operate on 1/4/17 due to inclement weather.

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Transfer from Green to Purple at North Park Library!

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Blue Route Now Stops at Harris Teeter (S. Church St.)

After several request from Link riders, a new stop has been installed on Church Street at the Harris Teeter / New Market Square Shopping Center. The outbound stop is mid-block between Huffman Mill Road and the entrance drive. The inbound stop is at the corner of Church St and Huffman Mill Rd.

Orange Route Extension

In response to rider demand, Link Transit launched a 120 day pilot extension of the Orange Route on November 28th. Two stops, located on Handford Road, were added to the Orange Route. These stops have been added to serve the employment centers of Kayser Roth, the Maple Ave. Sheetz, and the business district located off of Maple Avenue, south of Interstate 40/85.

Employees of these businesses have been taking advantage of the affordable transportation solution provided to them by Link Transit since the system’s launch in June 2016. These riders have been departing at the ACC Dillingham Center stop and walking south of the Interstate to their places of employment. The addition of two stops south of the Interstate will provide a quicker and safer route to work for employees of this business district and will provide the opportunity for even more residents to take advantage of Link Transit as a mobility solution.

The funding partners of Link Transit recognize the ability of public transportation to provide safe, reliable and affordable transportation to employment centers. This pilot route extension illustrates the commitment of Link Transit to help residents get to work.

Questions can be directed to Link Transit at (336) 222-5465 or